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            Certification Reports

            You can easily run reports on Employee Certifications from within the CrewSense Platform.

            This will give you actionable data to quickly identify expired employee certifications, those due for renewal, and more. To access Certification Reports, simply click Reports -> run Certifications Report:

            From there, you will be presented with a table showing all certifications within the system. You will notice expired certifications are highlighted in Red.

            You can sort the view by clicking Filter Report by Certification and then clicking Generate Report.

            Reports can be downloaded as PDF file or CSV file, by clicking the corresponding button in the top bar. Reports can be searched by entering a search term within the Search bar. You can also download a copy of the uploaded certification by clicking the Download link in the record if it exists.

            For more information on Employee Certifications, see this article on the CertTracker module.

            Updated: 08 Jun 2018 03:48 AM
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