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            CallBack - Settings

            There are many system settings that you can set in relation to the CallBack function. To view the system options, click the gear 'fob' icon in the top bar of the Control Panel -> CallBack Rules.

            Options include:

            - Ignore Employee Availability when initiating Callbacks

            This setting over-rides an employees set availability, and contacts them regardless.

            - Enable Auto-accept feature

            This setting allows for the Auto Accept feature to be enabled.

            - Secondary CallBacks / Close primary callback when starting secondary

            This setting, when checked, will close the primary callback (and no longer allow acceptance of it by employees) when the secondary is initiated.

            - Force Include

            This setting will allow you to set which Time off Types are ignored when a Callback is started. This is useful for telling the system to "included everyone who is on Vacation for CallBacks", etc. By default, the system will bypass any employee who is off duty on a time off entry for a CallBack opportunity. Using this option will allow for those employees to be contacted instead, and offered the CallBack shift.

            - Only call in this time period:

            This setting basically sets a 'do not disturb' time globally for all CallBacks. If checked, the system will only contact employees for CallBacks during the listed time frame.

            Updated: 16 May 2017 02:33 AM
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