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            CallBack Lists

            One of the first things you'll want to do when setting up your new CrewSense account, is creating employee 'Lists'. These can also be referred to as Rankings, Job Titles, Buckets, Binder, etc. However, for our case, we refer to them simply as Lists.

            Various examples could include: "Firefighter", "Captain", "Sergeant", "Night Shift Overtime", "Detail Overtime" etc. These will be assigned to employees.

            Think of each 'list' as a three ring binder, with each binder holding employee names eligible for that particular type of overtime (aka CallBack). Be creative, and create the lists just as you would for positions that you would normally hire back for.

            Some organizations create very generic lists, such as 'Overtime' - with every employee within that single list. Other organizations break the lists down in a more complicated manner, such as 'Overtime - Detail, 8hr +', or 'Overtime - night shift only', and categorize the employees that way. It's completely up to you.

            In order to create a new List, we'll click the CallBack button in the main menu. From there, we'll click CallBack Lists.

            If you have already entered various Lists into the system, they will be listed in a table view. A few generic lists will be auto generated during the demo period as well.

            You can easily edit an existing List by clicking the Edit button. You can also click the Delete button to permanently delete the List from the system. To add a new List, we'll click the +Add a List button. From there, simply give the list a name and click the Save button.

            Hours added via a CallBack will be added to an employee's ranking immediately, when the CallBack is awarded. Hours added via a Work Type on the CrewScheduler are added to an employee's rankings the day the hours occur.  

            Updated: 08 Aug 2019 06:12 AM
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