Bulletin Board

            The bulletin board is a great place to be able to post notes that do not need to be on the Scheduler itself, but that you still want to be able to keep up until you plan to remove them. This is a great place for reminders, updates or class reminders that you might need to get out there in a secure place. Items placed on the Bulletin board will also be visible on the Station Dashboards!

            To access the Bulletin Board
            Click on the Bulletin Board icon on your side menu.

            This will take you to a blank board.

            From here, you can edit content 

            This will open up a section similar to your notes on the daily Crew Scheduler. From here, you can format the page as you see fit. 

            You can add images, create columns or add content as needed! This is a great blank slate for you to be able to get your information out without having it up for the public to see. 

            Remember to click on save at the bottom of the page to save any changes you make!

            It's that easy!

            If you want to insert an image into your bulletin board make sure it's a web hosted image with a URL. After you upload the image using it's URL you can then go back and attach a web link to that image. 

            Any user who has the permission to add/edit Crew Scheduler notes will be able to edit the Bulletin Board. 

            Updated: 04 Apr 2019 02:23 AM
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