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            Bulk Change

            The bulk change feature is designed to allow for easy movement on the schedule that affects one or more employees. Whether it's moving several individuals on the same shift to time off or switching them to a new assignment, there is an easy way to do these kinds of moves directly from the CrewScheduler. 

            - It's important to note that the changes can only be made for one specific date-- you cannot select multiple people across different dates to move. Any movement will affect the existing recurring pattern. 

            How to make a bulk change
            First, click the Bulk Change button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
            Remember, you have to move them on the last day that they are on that assignment. 

            You'll see the box change to green, which will allow you to pick the users you wish to move. 

            Click on the users you wish to move. Click on the 'select' button. 

            Choose whether you wish to move them to time off or if you wish to change their assignment. The change can be made for just one day or to start a new recurrence. This is perfect when moving a group to a new engine or station, regardless if the move is permanent or not. You can also change the work type from here. 

            Once you click change, it will automatically reflect on the CrewScheduler. 

            Remember, this only works for people staying on the same shift. It will not edit the recurrence other than moving them into the new assignment. 

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