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            Automatic Exports Using FTP and DropBox

            You can set up automatic exports of your payroll/scheduling data using either FTP or DropBox integration.

            This is great if you want to have your CrewSense data sent automatically on a set time each day to a specific location.

            To access this, go to Reports -> Export Payroll

            To set up an automatic export profile, click the Repeat button. From there, enter the frequency, time range and type of file you want to be automatically exported:

            When you are finished click Add New.

            Once you've set up your first repeating profile, you can navigate to System Settings - > Misc -> Auto Payroll Upload:

            To view the profile you created earlier (Along with any others you've created, as well as create new ones), you can click the Manage Automatic Exporting button:

            To export using FTP

            To send the file data using FTP, simply check the box next to FTP and then enter the FTP address and login credentials. Then click save.

            To export using DropBox

            To send the file data to a DropBox folder, simply click the checkbox next to DropBox, and then click the Start Auth button. You will be prompted to log in to your DropBox account and allow access to CrewSense.

            Updated 10/2017

            Updated: 17 Oct 2017 04:41 AM
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