Approve / Deny time off requests

             In order to access the Time Off area, the module must be enabled in System Settings -> Modules:

            Employees who have the permission to do so will have the ability to Approve / Deny time off requests submitted by your employees. When a new time off request is submitted by an employee, you will receive a notification by an app alert and email notification. Once you log in to your CrewSense account, you will notice a pending 'Growl Notification' in the upper right-hand corner. This alerts you to the pending request.

            Click the Growl Notification (red square) and it will show you all items needing action.

            Once you click the item needing action, a table will open and you will have the option of Approving or Denying the request. You will also be asked to provide a note back to the employee. Once you take action, the employee will receive a notification and the Time Off will automatically be placed on both the Crew Scheduler and the Time off Calendar (only approved requests).

            By default, users cannot delete their time off's from the system without Admin approval or permissions enabled to do so. To override this setting on, see the setting: "Let users delete their own approved time-offs", found in System Settings -> Time Off -> Miscellaneous.

            Updated 10/2017

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