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            Adding Trades For End Users

            Adding in a trade between two employees is now simple and easy to do within the system, allowing users to input trades in for two users who cannot do it themselves, which will update the CrewScheduler and the Trade Board correctly. 

            Who can add in trades?

            Trades can be added into the system by any user who has the permission to 'Can approve/deny/delete employee trades'

            How to enter trades in for end users

            First, go to Trade Board > View Trade Requests

            The option to + Add is now at the top of the page. 

            Now, you'll be able to add the trade in for two users. 

            Both users will have to be on the schedule for their correct dates and trades cannot be added for past dates, as it may interfere with payroll. You can also put in the swap date for the trade, however, we recommend that each trade is done separately, as trades cannot be edited after they are submitted. 

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