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            Adding Employees Into System

            Adding an employee to the CrewSense System is fairly straightforward. To add an employee, click Employees in the left hand menu, and then add / edit Employees.

            From there, we will click + Add User

            The required fields are noted with a red asterix (*).

            Note: The employee ID is an optional field. Use the employee id to track employees via a company specific id #, for example. The Secondary email is an option second email address that can be used redundantly with the primary email address on file.

            Once you are finished with the first tab 'Employee Details', click the next tab, 'Contact Info'.

            The second tab provides the contact information for the employee. The Primary Phone # is the main phone number the employee would like to be contacted on. Organizations can elect to have a secondary number as seen above for an additional monthly fee. This allows the system to contact a secondary number in the event the employee is not reached on the primary number. For employees and organizations who has setup Alpha Paging in their system options, a Pager ID # is also available. The format for the pager id# should be 7 digits in length, ie: 5555555, omitting the area code.

            The Pin is a unique 4 digit pin number set by the employee. This is used when calling into the toll-free number. By entering the employee id# and pin# the employee can hear all available shifts open to them. The default pin # is 0000.

            The CallBack Contact Method is the method chosen by the employee for how they want to be contacted for CallBack opportunities on their primary number. The CallBack Contact Method for secondary number is how they want to receive CallBack opportunities on the fallback / secondary number, if enabled.

            The Group Notification Contact Method is the method chosen by the employee for how they want to be contact for Group Notifications on their primary number. The Group Notification Contact Method for secondary number is how they want to receive Group notifications on their fallback / secondary number, if enabled.

            CallBack Eligible is an option available to admin users to indicate if an employee should be eligible to receive CallBack opportunities. If unchecked, the employee will not receive CallBack shift opportunities.

            Do Not Disturb is a feature available for an employee to set a time that they do not want to be contacted for CallBack shifts. By setting the do not disturb time; if a CallBack tries to notify them during that time, they will automatically be skipped over. In this case, the CallBack history log will indicate a 'skipped' notation.

            Send Callback E-mails check or uncheck this box to have the employee receives emails every time a CallBack shift opportunity is offered to them.

            Send Text Message when Receiving Trade Request if checked, employee will receive text message (if text messaging is their primary contact method) indicating they have received a trade request from another employee.

            Send Text Message When Someone Accepts Trade Request if checked, employee will receive text message when an employee has accepted their trade request.

            On the third tab of the employee edit form, 'List(s) / Groups / etc' we will describe the different fields:

            Positions / Lists: The position / title(s) that are assigned to this employee. In the example above, this employee is only a 'Firefighter'. No other positions or title(s) are selected.

            Group(s): Used to indicate the groups that this employee is a part of. In the above example, this is employee is a member of A Shift and Night Shift.

            Specialty Classification Filters: Used to further filter the employee down by classification or filter. In this case, the employee is also a member of Battalion 23.

            Permission Level: The permission level of this employee.

            Ignore max. consecutive hours setting: If checked, this employee can work past the max consecutive hour setting indicated in the system options.

            Date of Hire / Promotion: The date of hire / promotion for this employee. This setting is often used with certain Organizations ranking rules to give CallBack shifts to employee who have been employee longest, first. If your organization does not use a customized seniority based ranking system for CallBack shift offerings, this is just a simple way of tracking the employees date of hire / promotion.

            Weekly work limit: Used to set a maximum weekly work limit for the employee (optional). Work week is defined in the system settings under the misc tab.

            When finished entering the information for the employee, click the green Save button:

            You can also Deactivate an already entered employee by clicking the red deactivate button in the Employee profile:

            By deactivating an employee, they will no longer be able to be utilized in the system. They cannot be scheduled, notified, etc. They can longer log in. All of their information will remain in the system, however, they cannot be 'utilized' in any way. To view the deactivated employees, click Employees in the menu, then Add / Edit Employees, and finally the Inactivate tab.

            The list of Inactivated users will then appear. You can re-activated an employee by following the previous steps, but clicking on Reactivate instead of Deactivate.

            Note: You can only add up to the maximum amount of Active licensed users you have purchased.

            Updated: 17 Sep 2018 02:22 AM
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