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            Add / Edit Employees

            In order to add / edit employees in the system, we'll use the Add / Edit Employee selection from the left hand menu.This is where you will input all of the users of the system, and assign ranks / titles / groups and permission levels. To begin, start by clicking on Employees in the menu bar.

            You'll notice that the Employees menu will auto expand and offer more options. In order to add / edit employees, we'll click on Edit Employees. From here, you'll be presented with a table view of all of the employees that have already been entered into the system.

            In order to add a new employee, click the button + Add User. If you only want to edit the details of an employee already entered into the system, you would simply click the Edit button next to their name, designated by a blue pencil. You can also Delete an employee from the system as well by clicking the red trash can.

            After clicking + Add User, we'll see the Add Employee Form. This is where you enter all pertinent information for this employee; including Name, Lists, Group assignments, Speciality Classifications, and preferred Contact methods / numbers. We'll discuss those specifics in more detail later on.

            The Add Employee Form has five different areas in which employee information is placed into the system. You will want to fill out as much of this as possible, however the individual employee will be able to edit their profile on their own later on.

            When you are finished entering the information for the Employee, you'll click the Save button.

            Note: You can only import up to the maximum amount of Active licensed users you have purchased.

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