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            Absence Module

            The CrewSense 'Absence' module allows you to automate your employee call-in procedures, and have a completely 'hands off' approach to dealing with employee call-off's.

            This is an optional add-on module available in addition to your CrewSense Pro subscription.

            The Absence module is disabled by default, and will need to be enabled in your system settings.

            Enable Module:

            Navigate to Admin Settings -> Modules -> Absence call In Module Enabled, and check the correlating box. 

            To utilize the Absence module, the employee will simply call 1-888-744-5998. When prompted, they will enter their User Id and Pin # (found in the employee's personal profile):

            User ID :

            The User Id is system generated, and you can find it in your user profile. It cannot be changed (do not confuse with the Employee Id, which is changeable)

            Pin #:

            The Pin # is a customizable 4 digit pin. By default, it is 0000

            Once entered, the system will prompt them with IVR (interactive voice response) instructions. The employee will be able to enter the date of the absence and the time frame. They can select the entire shift, or partial hours using the menu instructions. In addition, they can call-in on dates they are scheduled to work, as well as dates they are not scheduled to work.

            Admin Interface:

            To view all absence entries, simply click the 'Absence' link in the left menu. This will then bring you to the module where you can select a date to view. Once you've selected a date, the absences will be shown in the interface:

            Absences will also be automatically added to the CrewScheduler for the date / time of the absence.

            Note: You must have the permission to manage the Absence module in order to view these entries. In addition to showing on this screen, the absences will automatically be entered into the CrewScheduler as well.

            Absence Options:

            To control settings related to the CrewSense Absence module; simply navigate to the System Settings area and then click Time Off's -> Absence Module:

            You can control the default time off type to utilize for absence call-ins; as well as the required Call-in buffer time. 

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 03:50 AM
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