Work Sites

Work Sites

Work sites allow employees to select where they would like to work if several options are available. Once properly set up, one callback can go out for several different work sites, as long as the time frame is the same. 

To set up work sites
First, go to Admin > Callbacks > Rules

Then, go to Callbacks > Manage Worksites

Click Add new Worksite

Give the worksite a name and click add

Now, you'll be able to select the assignment in which the worksite is for. 

Now that you have built the Worksites, you'll be able to use this within the Callbacks to allow employees to select where they want to work 

This is a global setting that will require you to pick the worksite any time you start a manual CallBack. A CallBack started from an open slot with auto-populate the worksite. 

Using Worksites in a CallBack

Once you've set up your worksites, you can utilize these within the callbacks to allow employees to pick which assignment they wish to work. Now, when you see positions to fill, there will be a drop-down menu from which you can choose the worksite associated with the CallBack. 

You can further filter who receives the callback by groups, classifications and by seniority. So, if you had a vacancy for several different assignments on the same day, you could allow employees to pick where they want to work. As people accept callbacks for certain work sites, the callback will adjust and show what is left until the Callback is filled. 

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