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Volunteer/Availability Sign Up

Many organizations utilize volunteers, allowing people to sign up for open shifts but not necessarily working those shifts. And while employees can already input availability into the system, and admin can view availability, sometimes it is easier to allow them to schedule themselves onto the CrewScheduler, where admin can drag and drop employees into the open shifts as needed.

First, you will have to build a new assignment into the CrewScheduler. You will want it to look like the example below. 

Because this is a sign-up, you won't want to give it an assignment time. You want it to repeat daily, but do not want it to be a work shift. You'll need to enable self-scheduling. We always recommend making it a bold color, so it stands out on the CrewScheduler and doesn't get missed. Once it's been created, you'll need to add the users you allow to self-schedule onto it. 

Once you allow users to sign up, employees will be able to schedule themselves into the slots. It doesn't mean that they will be working, just that they are available to work if need be. 

Employees then can set the hours that they are available to work, even if they are already on the schedule for that day. You will want to create a new pay code for this as well. 

You will be able to see who is signed up for the day from the CrewScheduler. 

If you drag them into the opening, it will automatically change the hours to whatever the hours are for the new assignment. You'll want to make note of the hours they said they were available so that once you move them into their new slot, you can adjust their hours accordingly. 

By making it its own work code, you can track who is signing up for hours, if you require all employees to do so.

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