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Viewing Employee Availabilites

You can view Available Employees (those that have specifically indicated their particular availability for a day / time range) from within the platform. This is perfect for organizations who schedule employees on an as-needed or volunteer basis.

Now, you can see an entire week's worth of employee availabilities and also see the times employees have marked their availability when scheduling open slots in the CrewScheduler.

To access this, simply click on the 'Employees' module > 'View Availabilities' here:

You will then be presented with a table view, where you can set date range, employee type, and have the option to export data. The employee availabilites will be shown:

You'll notice that one employee has a red X on three dates, which indicates he is not available for those entire days (red arrow). Another employee has specifically set himself available from 00:00- 08:00 on 6/23 and again on 6/24 he has set himself as available from 08:00-00:00 (purple arrow). The green check marks indicate the employees are available all day (green arrow). 

These times will also be shown within the CrewScheduler. When scheduling an employee into an 'Open Slot', you'll now see the time frame the employee has indicated they are available next to their name in the drop down:

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