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User Permissions & Roles

You have a lot of control over who in your organization can access what in the system.

The Scheduling platform has a built-in user permissions module that allows you to set user permissions on a per-employee basis. You can also create 'roles', with pre-built rules that you can then apply to a user.

To manage your permission roles, navigate to Employees > Manage Roles.

Here, you can create new and edit existing permission roles. 
Within the Edit function, you will be able to select and deselect the permission(s) you would like the employees with that role to have: 

To add a new role, simply click the +Add New Role button at the top right of your screen. Name your new role, select the permissions you would like this role to have, and select save. 

Applying Permission Roles to Employees

To apply a permission role to multiple employees, navigate to your Add/Edit Employees section. 
Select the checkbox next to employees you wish to apply a permission role to, choose Change Role from the first drop-down menu, select the permission role in which to apply from the second drop-down menu, then choose Batch Apply.


Permission roles can also be applied within an employee's profile, under List(s)/Groups/etc: 

You may also choose to add or remove permissions on a one-off basis. To do this, navigate to the Permissions tab within an employee's profile.

Here, you can see any permissions the specific employee has within their given permission role. 

Note: Setting individual permissions within an employee's profile will override the role you have applied to them.

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