Tracking Misc Assignment Hours

Tracking Misc Assignment Hours

There are more than likely going to be times that you need to track employee's hours that are not a part of a regularly scheduled Assignment. Examples could include: weekly meetings, training's, etc.

It is still important to track these hours in the CrewScheduler, as they may affect CallBack rankings, etc. They could also be included in the employees time card export.

To add Miscellaneous hours, simply click on the + Add slot in the Misc area of the CrewScheduler. A popup will appear.

Simply type in the Employee name, enter the type of work (or enter a new type), indicate the amount of hours and create a brief note describing what the activity was. Then click the green +Add record button. You'll notice now that on the CrewScheduler, this employee(s) hours have now been logged.


As with all other CrewScheduler data, these hours will be exportable. 

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