Every organization needs a way to track when people are working.  We've recently added the Time Clock into the functionality of the program. Like all time clocks, it tracks the hours of employees when they start working and when they stop. 

But unlike other clocks, ours allows you to export those reports to your payroll, should you choose to use our program for those reports!

The TimeClock module is separate from the CrewScheduler, and is best used by organizations who wish to require their employees to clock in and clock out. By default, all schedule entries will export for Payroll. You have to specifically tell the system to export TimeClock entries, however.

From the time clock page, you can clock in and clock out, with a visual on who has clocked in for the day. Once you hit the clock in, the system will keep a running time until the clock out button is pushed. It will also give basic location details. Best of all, this can be done from either the website or from a mobile device!

To export these to payroll, go into the Reports module > export Payroll Data >  and then click 'include time clock entries':

Employees have the option of being able to edit and delete hours, however, this can be turned off by editing the user permissions. 

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