You can easily add an Announcement to your system that will be seen by all employees when they log into the system. Only Admin level users can add control panel announcements. You can set system announcements to be 'required reading', where all employees must acknowledge they have read the announcement before navigating into the system. 

To add a new announcement, from your Home Page, simply click Add New under the Announcements section.

Enter your announcement and click Save. The announcement will now be visible by all employees of your organization on their Home Page when they log in. To make your announcement a 'Required Reading', enter your message and then toggle on the Required Reading setting and click save.

Now, when an employee logs in; they will be presented with the Announcement and must Acknowledge that they've read the message by clicking on it.

Once they click they've acknowledged the message, a system log entry is made and they can navigate into the system. 

To edit an announcement, click on the purple Edit option or to delete an announcement simply click the red trash can here:

Note: System announcements (those administered by the scheduling platform ) will also be shown above organizational announcements.


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