Supervisor Pairs

Supervisor Pairs

In this article we will discuss the purpose of Supervisor pairs and how to set them up. 

Supervisor pairs are used in place of routing options for time off approval routing and trade time approval routing. If you set supervisor pairs, the supervisor will supersede any routing you may have built out in your admin settings. 

To set up supervisor pairs, go to Admin Settings>Employee>Supervisors. From here, you will select "+ Add Supervisor". 

You will then be directed to a pop up where you can indicate which supervisor you want to set up. Within this list, you can select any employees who have the permission to approve/deny/delete time offs 
as well as trades. If they can do both, you will see *(time off, trade). Once you select the supervisor, you can then select which employees they are responsible for. Any employees time off and/or trade requests within this list will be directed to the supervisor they are listed under. 

Keep in mind, if the supervisor only has the permission to approve time offs, any trade requests from employees within this list will be routed to the appropriate person via the trade request routing setup within your system and vice versa. 

Once you have placed all the appropriate employees under their supervisor, select "add". This will save the supervisor and their list of employees. Once you have built out all of your supervisors and the employees they are responsible for, you can see them listed out on this page. 

If at any point, you need to add additional employees under a supervisor, you can do so by selecting the "+" button next to the supervisor's name. The trash can icon will remove that supervisor from the list, and in return, remove all of those employees from that supervisor as well. 

It is important to note than employees can only be under one supervisor. If one employee is under multiple supervisors, the system does not know who to route the time off/trade request to. 

The system does not follow the 'If not addressed in' portion of the time off and trade request routing settings. The request will sit in the supervisors account until approved by them or another admin level employee with the permission to do so. However, they will have to go to the time off/trade request page to approve/deny those requests. They will NOT be alerted to. 
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