Setting Up Employee Accrual Profiles

Setting Up Employee Accrual Profiles

Note: In order to access the Time Off Accruals section, the module must be enabled in Admin system settings > Modules

First, you will need to create Accrual Profile(s) within the system.

1. To Create Accrual Profiles:

Log in as an Administrator, and go to Time Offs > Accrual Settings.

Click the “Add accrual profile...” button, and choose a name for the profile. If needed, you can also check “Base on seniority”. This will bring up two more input fields where you can select a range of worked years this new profile applies to (ie. 0 -10 worked years).

Click the “Add” button. The new profile should then appear in a list above the “Add accrual profile...” button. Clicking that, you will be presented with the option to delete or edit the profile, and a list of time off types in your system. Clicking any of them will bring up the accrual policy applied to that type, which by default is Enabled, but still set to Manual. You must change the accrual to "Automatic" for it to work on autopilot, so to speak. 

If you want to use our automatic accrual feature, switch the type by clicking on the button labeled “Automatic”. This enables the input boxes below, where you can set the number of hours to accrue, and the frequency to accrue with. When selecting “days” or “months”, you can set the number of days or months in each accrual period. If you select "Pay Period" you must have a Pay Period setup in the Admin System Settings > Pay Period . Click on "Automatic" and then "Save Settings."

If you wish to disable accrual for the type entirely, click the “Enabled” button in the top right corner to toggle its status to "Disabled".

When everything looks good, click “Save Settings” to make the changes permanent.

You can do this with each time off type in each profile you create. You can tell the system to credit hours multiple ways; including based on Days Shifts Worked, Pay Period time spans, Months, Years, or 'time for time' arrangements.

2. How to Attach Profiles to Employees:

Set the profile and initial time off bank for employees. Go to Employees  > add/edit Employees. Find the person you wish to set the profile of and click on the blue edit button in the table.

There is a tab called “Time-Off Accrual” in the employee edit menu, this is where you can manage everything pertaining to the Employees time off banks.

The “Time Off Accrual start date” field determines the accrual period profile to use. For example, if the start date is March 01, 2013, and the automatic accrual profile is setup (see above) to repeat every quarter, the next time this employee will get hours credited will be June 01, 2013. 

This typically should be the start day of the employees service, however, there are instances where an employee wouldn't begin accruing hours (such as probationary / trial periods). You can quickly select their Hire date by clicking Copy Hire date. This will pull the data from their user profile.

You have to select an accrual profile before the rest of the options show up. Choose a profile from the drop-down list, and save the employee. By clicking 'Set by Seniority' the system will figure out, based on the employees Hire / Promotion date in their profile, what profile to assign them to automatically. Click 'Save'.


The accrual processor runs at Midnight (PST) every night. Accruals will not appear instantly, rather at Midnight each night after the system has calculated all profiles and occurrences.

Here you can also add/deduct hours manually by clicking “+/-” if needed, to adjust balances, and also display the user's accrual history for each type by clicking the button with the clock icon labeled "Show history". Whenever an adjustment is made, the system will log the changes. Adjusting balances is useful when first setting up the system, as you can set the beginning user balances.

Clicking the icon will display the accrual history for the time off type selected.

That's It! Once the settings are saved, and each employee is assigned a profile; the system will begin tracking their hours based on your settings, and deducting them from their balances when a Time Off entry is made.

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