Notification Logs

Notification Logs

Every Notification sent from within the Scheduling system will be saved in a log. This allows you to go back and view previous messages sent, and see the details of those messages. The information included in the log includes the sender and recipient, date/time message was sent, and the body of the message.

To view the Notification history logs, simply click the Notify module, and then View Notification History.

You'll then be presented with a table listing the selected month's Notifications.

From here, you can click the Information icon to the right of the desired message history you are wanting to open, which will then open up a real-time view of the outgoing and incoming notifications from your employees. You will be able to view their responses without having to refresh the page. 

Once you chose the selected notification you want to view, you will be directed to that specific message and all of its history. Once on the page, you will be able to view every person that the message was sent to, the method in which each person was contacted, the status of the delivery method, and whether or not the message was acknowledged by the employee. 

Another feature that the Scheduling notification module has is the ability to read text messages that were sent back from the employee regarding the notification as well as the ability to communicate back and forth through the module. To do this, you can go to the Reply button located to the right of any specific employee and type in a message that only that employee will receive. 

Messages between the sender and recipient(s) are NOT private. They can be viewed by anyone with the permissions to send notifications. 

Additionally, notifications that have been sent cannot be removed (deleted) from the system. As such, we recommend that the content be kept work-related and professional. 

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