Editing Hours Based Ranking Options

Editing Hours Based Ranking Options

If your system is set on an hours based CallBack rotation, you'll be able to set your ranking options. We've built in the most requested rules as options, so if you don't see what works for your system please contact us and we can look into adding it. 

If you have access:

If you are not seeing this option and would like to use these features, please contact us. 

Reset Hours

You will be able to set when your ranking resets, whether you choose to do it by the calendar year or on a specific date. You can also pick a specific number of dates, all based on what is in your contract language.

CallBack List Ranking Rules

If your system has rules set in which people are deducted hours based on their response to CallBacks, you can find the settings to edit this here. To get access to this, you will have to contact us first to get access. 
  • You can set what types of CallBacks are charged for 
    • Active/Done Calling- The user be will changed hours on any active callback that they reply to.
    • Filled/Partially Filled- The user will only be charged for CallBacks once they are filled/partially filled. 
    • Not Filled- The user will be charged for any CallBacks they are eligible for that are not filled.
    • Cancelled- The user will be charged for all CallBacks they are eligible for, regardless if it is canceled by an admin. 
  • You can charge hours based on the way the employee responses
    • Accepted
    • Denied
    • Ignored
    • Contact Error
  • If you only charge hours for CallBacks longer than a certain length, you would change this here. 
  • If you have employees on multiple lists but want each list to keep its own record of each list separately, you can choose that option here
    • So if you have a Paramedic list and an Engineer list and an employee is on both lists, you can choose to combine both lists for a global hours count, or you can select to have the hours separated by list
      • So a user might be first on one list and 5th on another. This is normal if you choose to track lists separately. 


With an hour based system, there is the possibility of a tie. You are able to set which option you wish you choose to break those ties here. You can choose: 
  • Date of hire
  • Final Ranking in Previous Period
  • Random (The system randomizes the list and picks one)
  • Last Name (alphabetically)
  • First Name (alphabetically)
  • Employee ID (numerically)
  • User ID (numerically)

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