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Manually Placing Employees Off Duty

The scheduling platform has a great built in time off / leave management system. Any approved time off requests will automatically be placed on both the Time Off Calendar, as well as the Employees Off area on the CrewScheduler.

Manually placing an employee in time off for part of their shift :

If, in the event you need to place an employee as 'Off Duty', but the employee has not or is unable to submit a Time Off Request - you can still manually place them as "Off duty" very easily. This would be in the event an employee becomes ill while at work, or otherwise has to leave suddenly.

To do this, simply click the + Add button in the Employees Off  area of the Crew Scheduler. A pop-up will appear.

The GIF below illustrates how to place someone on time-off for a partial part of their shift. 

Select the employee you want to place off duty, indicated the Time-off Type, the time the employee left (in this case, he went home at 1100 hours until 2000 hours). Click the green Save button, and now you'll notice on the CrewScheduler that employee has been added to the Off Duty area, and his name is highlighted indicated he is not working the entire assignment.

When placing someone on time-off for a partial amount of their shift, it will then create an open slot for the remaining time left for that shift. As seen above.

Manually placing an employee off for an entire shift: 

If you drag and drop an employee from an assignment into the employees off duty area; it will remove them from the entire length of the original shift. If you only want them to be off partially,  as advised above, simply click "+ Add" in the employees off duty section, enter their name, select work type, and indicate the amount of time they are off. It will then 'partial shift' them in the assignment for the time they are actually working.

The GIF below illustrates how to place someone on time-off for an entire shift. 

Manually placing employees off for an extended amount of time:

If you want to place employees off duty for an extended period of time, it is easiest to do this using a recurring time off entry. You do not want to just place the employee with a time off entry of Jan 1 - Jan 30....since that would be hundreds of hours long!

Instead, simply create a time off entry, and make it recur on the user's normal schedule rotation.  So, if you have an employee who works a 2 day on 4 day off rotation, you would create a time off entry using that same 2 day on 4 day off rotation. That way they will only be scheduled 'off' during the time they would normally be scheduled on.

To place an employee off for an extended amount of time using a recurrence, click +Add in the Employees Off area. Once the pop up appears select the employee you want to place off duty, indicated the Time-off Type, enter the 'from' and 'to' time and then select +Edit to set up the repeating pattern. 

When looking at the CrewScheduler under 'Employee's Off', you will notice a green number on the top right corner. When hovered over, you will see a break down of all the Time-Off Types being used on a given day. 

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