Scheduling Employees on Partial Shifts

Scheduling Employees on Partial Shifts

There may be instances when an employee does not work the full hours of the assignment. This could be for a number of reasons, and you may not need to place the employee as 'Off duty'. An example could be for an employee that was scheduled to work an assignment, and for whatever reason they were sent home early. They wouldn't necessarily be burning Time Off, they just aren't working the full assignment hours.

You can indicate this easily from within the Crew Scheduler.

To schedule an employee on a partial shift:

Click on the name of the employee you would like to indicate only worked partial hours during that assignment. A popup window will appear.

In this case, the employee did not actually end up working the entire 12 hour shift. For whatever reason, he was relieved of his duty and only worked until 1200 hrs - for a total of 4 hours. We indicated his start and end time manually, and clicked the green Save button.

Now, we notice on the Crew Scheduler this is indicated in a red 4 hours next to his name.

You'll also notice that the system automatically recognizes this new 'open slot' from 1200 hrs - 2000 hrs.

This information will correctly Export as well, indicating that he did not actually work 12 hours, but rather 4.

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