Masking Time Off Entries

Masking Time Off Entries

There may be instances where you want to 'Mask' certain time off types from displaying throughout the system, at least to those users who do not possess the permission to view the entries.

An example would be having an employee placed off on 'Administrative Leave' or 'FMLA'. It may not be appropriate to have every user in your system be able to view this.

To Mask a Time Off type:

Simply navigate to your admin System Settings area and click Time Off Types / Codes, you'll notice a toggle switch called 'Masked':

Simply toggle on the option next to the entry you want masked, and then click the green Save Options button. 

Now, any entry throughout the system with this Time Off Type(s) select, will be displayed as [Masked] to those who do not posses the permission to 'View Masked Entries':

Important: Time Off Entries that are masked will still be shown in all Employee Reports and Payroll Exports, as it is assumed anyone with those permissions would be able to view these entries.

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