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Manually Editing Employee Profile Banks & Performing Bulk Edits

You can manually adjust an employee's Time Off Banks by going to their profile, and clicking the Time-Off Accrual tab:

From there, you can adjust any bank and their amounts by clicking either the +/- buttons. Once an adjustment is made, that is added to the accrual history log for that user.

To bulk edit accruals for many users

If you need to make a change to many different users, who are apart of the same Accrual Profile, you can do that simply in a couple clicks. First, go to Time Offs -> Setup Accruals in the left hand menu bar. Then click 'Bulk Edit Accruals':

From there, select the profile that you want to edit and all users you want to make the changes to:

Then, select the bank(s) to adjust. You can select one or many. Enter the adjustments, add an option note, and click Apply bulk accrual change:

Note: A log entry will be made for all users that you bulk adjusted.

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