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Linking Accounts

Do you work for two or more agencies who all use our Scheduling platform? Now, you can link your agencies scheduling accounts easily with just a few simple steps and bounce back and forth between them quickly. 

Click on your username and select Edit Profile

Under the profile, click on + Link Accounts

Enter your username and password from the account you wish to link and click Connect.

Confirm that you wish to connect the two accounts. 

*You must sign out of the account you initially linked the account from and sign into the account that you are linking to before clicking the link in the email. If you do not sign out of the first account and sign into the second account before clicking the link in the email, you will receive an error message.*

Check your email-- you will have a link to follow to confirm that you wish to link your accounts together. The email will be sent to the one associated with the account being linked and not the one you originally signed in with. Follow the link.

Now, your accounts will be linked. It is simple to switch between the two accounts. Click on your name, select the secondary account as shown below and the system will automatically jump to your other linked account. 

The small icon in the corner of your user picture now shows that the accounts are linked. 

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