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Finalize Schedule Entries

You can easily 'Finalize' CrewScheduler assignment records with a couple clicks of the mouse. This is useful for locking payroll records, reviewing entries, etc.

To finalize an Assignment, simply click the 3 black dots in the upper right hand corner - and then click 'Finalize':

You'll notice a green check mark appears in the upper left hand of the assignment. You can hover over this and see who finalized the record, and the date / time it was finalized.

A system log entry is also made showing the same:

You can finalize ALL assignments in one simple method. To do this, open the CrewScheduler and click 'More Options' in the upper right hand corner, then click 'Finalize All assignments':

This will finalize all assignments in the CrewScheduler, and add a log entry for such.

You can unfinalize an entry by clicking the 3 dots, and clicking 'Unfinalize'. A system log entry will be generated:

ALERT: Changing any record on a finalized assignments will automatically Un-Finalize a record and add a system log entry:

Important: Only users with the permission to 'Can Finalize Assignments' will be able to do this

Note that anyone who has the permissions listed above will still be able to make changes to the scheduler after it has been finalized. Those changes will automatically un-finalize the corresponding assignment and stamp that change in the system log. 

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