FAQ's & Common Questions

FAQ's & Common Questions

What is 'Concurrent Time Off' and why is my employee not being removed from assignment while he/she is off duty?

Concurrent Time Off is a setting that allows an employee to be both off duty and on duty at the same time. If enabled; any time off entries for the employee will not be reflected in the CrewScheduler. In other words, they will appear as if they are actually working while they are off duty. Although uncommon, some Organizations require this for various reasons. To change this, simply click on the employee's name in the CrewScheduler (within the assignment), and see if the box 'Allow Concurrent Time Off' is checked. If it is, un-check it and Save or Save for All Occurrences-. 

What browsers are supported?

All modern browsers are supported; including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE 11+. However, for best results, we recommend Chrome. Please ensure no JavaScript is being blocked in the browser settings and that your Organization has not blocked any of our external CDN's in their firewall settings. Also, make sure that your browser is up to date as most updates are implemented to work with the most up to date version of the browser. 

Why can't I see the CrewScheduler?

You must have the permission enabled 'Can Access CrewScheduler' in your user profile in order to access the CrewScheduler. If you do not have access to it, please contact an administrator and have them grant you that permission.

Why is some time not exporting for payroll and others are?
The most common cause for time to not show up in the payroll exports is that the assignment the user is scheduled in has been indicated as 'Not a Work Shift'. You can check this by going to https://www.crewsense.com/Application/ControlPanel/Schedule/Options/ and clicking 'Edit' next to the assignment(s). Check to make sure that 'Is this is a work shift' is checked and enabled.

The next thing to check would be the Advanced Options in the Payroll Export settings. Make sure that the work types are selected for the employee in question, and that you are not excluding anything that would remove them from the payroll export.

How do we handle 'cross staffed' assignments?

The best way to handle this would be to either create your assignment as a 'dual purpose' assignment, ie "Engine 1 / Ladder 1" and have the employees remain inside that assignment always. Or, you can create a new assignment that acts like a placeholder. In the above example, you could have "Engine 1" created as the normal assignment. And create a new assignment called "Ladder 1"; that is typically un-staffed. When employees move over to that unit, you would simply schedule them in for the time they worked that unit.

Can we send a CallBack out to all employees and let everyone reply yes or no, then let the system pick who to award the shift to at the deadline time?

Yes. This is considered the 'candidate method'. By default, this is NOT how the system is configured. If you want the system to work this way, simply go to the System Settings area, click CallBacks, Rules, and then check 'Use Candidate Method for CallBacks', then click Save.

This will cause CallBacks to go out to every employee who is eligible, and allow them to respond if they are interested or not in the shift. At the deadline time, the system will then award the CallBack to the employee who is due the shift, based on your back-end rules. It can also be set that an administrator is the one to award the shift. 

Why are some people not being excluded from CallBacks as already working, when they actually are?

The usual reasons for not being excluded from CallBacks when they are, in-fact, already working are:

The work type they're working is set not to exclude from CallBacks or;
The assignment they're working is set up as "Not a Work Shift" 

Can we use your system to track Training / Vehicle Repairs / Inventory / Etc?

Yes. The Forms Module is a perfect use for this. If you need something more feature rich, check out our friends at CheckIt

How is billing handled?

Billing is handled electronically, with our billing system. You are billed for the number of user licenses purchased, regardless of 'Active user count'. Invoices are sent out electronically to the billing email address on file. Invoices can be paid via check/snail mail / or automatically with a credit card through our secure billing portal.

By default, you are billed monthly. However, you can choose to be billed Monthly, Quarterly or Annually if you'd like. Please reach out to change your billing method by emailing us at: contact@crewsense.com.

How do I cancel my service?

We hate to see you go, but if you would like to cancel your service, simply email: contact@crewsense.com

How do we place an employee on one assignment for part of the day, and then the other for the remainder (split shifting)?

This is considered 'split shifting'. You can do this by simply scheduling the employee in one assignment, and then the other. The system will prompt you for what you would like to do with the original entry. You can select to 'Split' the shift, and it will place them on the original assignment for the correct time, and then the second assignment for the remaining time. See here

Can employees be required to indicate their Availability vs when they are Not Available?

Yes. By default, employees are always available unless the specifically indicate their 'Not Available time'. However, if you would like to change this, and require your employees to actually indicate when they are available for CallBacks and Scheduling, simply go to System Settings, Misc, and check the box next to "Require employees to indicate they are available vs not-available ", then click Save.

Important: If you do this, employees will NOT be offered any CallBacks, unless they have specifically indicated they are available during that time.

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