Employee Day Planner / Sync

Employee Day Planner / Sync

Every employee in the scheduling system has their own 'Personal Calendar' aka 'Day Planner'. This calendar will list all events that pertain to the individual employee, and also allows the employee to use it as a 'day planner'. They can add custom events, as well as the system generated events. These events include:

- Upcoming work shifts

- Time off events

- CallBack shifts the user has accepted

- Trades

-Personal entries

To access the Personal Calendar, the employee simply clicks on the green calendar icon in the tool bar in the upper left hand corner of their screen. 

To add events to the calendar, the employee would simply click on a day and enter the details of the event, then click Save.

The event is then added to the employees personal calendar. The Day Planner can also be synced to a users personal Google Calendar.  For more on syncing your Day Planner to a Google calendar click here: Day Planner / Sync

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