Employee Communication Preferences

Employee Communication Preferences

Employees can choose how they want to be contacted for both Notifications and CallBacks.

Each employee can set their primary notification preference for both from within their user profile.
If enabled (for an additional fee), employees can have a secondary phone number option as well. This is useful to have your primary number text you, for example, and a backup number for a phone call.

The methods for notification are:

- Text (SMS)

- Phone Call

- Mobile App

- Alpha Page (if applicable)

The most reliable method is the Mobile App. Mobile app alerts are delivered using 'push' technology, which is nearly instantaneous and has a guaranteed delivery (as long as you have a data connection.)

Telephone calls and text messages are typically reliable, however, text messaging (SMS) only has about a 95% delivery rate industry-wide. Due to many factors that are out of our control, we cannot guarantee Text Message delivery.

We recommend everyone utilize the iPhone and Android app, with Mobile App push notification as their primary notification preference when possible.

Setting Employee Contact Methods

You may choose to set employees' contact methods for them, which can be done within each employee's profile. 
Simply navigate to the Contact Info tab, and select contact methods for both CallBacks and alerts (notifications.)

You may notice that when you choose Mobile App for the contact method for CallBacks, you will also have the option to choose a fallback method, should the mobile app notification fail (i.e., as mentioned above- no data/wi-fi connection, etc.) 

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