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Deactivating / Deleting Employees

Deactivating a Employee:

You can Deactivate an employee by clicking on the red deactivate button within the employee profile. To find the deactivate button go to the Employees module > add/edit Employees > click on the blue pencil icon next to the employee's name within the table view. 

It's important to note that before you deactivate an employee, you will want to go in and end any recurring assignments they have been scheduled on in a repeating pattern.  Basically you want to remove them from any future shifts they have been scheduled to work.  The best way to ensure you end all of their recurring assignments is by looking at the employee's Day Planner. That is the easiest way to see all of their scheduled shifts. 

By deactivating an employee, they will no longer be able to be utilized in the system. They cannot be scheduled, notified, etc. They can longer log in.  All of their historical information will remain within the system, however, they cannot be 'utilized' in any way. The deactivated employee's user license will now be available for to use for a new employee. To view the deactivated employees, click Employees in the menu, then Add / Edit Employees, and finally the Inactivate tab. 

The list of Inactivated users will then appear. You can re-activate an employee by  clicking on Reactivate instead of Deactivate.

Deleting a Employee:

You can also Delete a user from the system by clicking on the red trash can next to their profile in the table view.  

If you Delete an employee, all historical data will be lost. Deleted data cannot be recovered in the system. Before you Delete an employee, be sure that you no longer will need access to any historical data regarding that employee!

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