Assistant - Auto Analyze

Assistant - Auto Analyze

The Assistant feature offers both a manual analyze, as well as auto-analyze option. You can set the system to auto analyze on a set schedule and time. To do this, click the 'Assistant Settings' option in the left side bar.

You'll notice a slew of options here...

In order for the Assistant to work, you will need to enable the 'Turn on Assistant automation'.

The 'Apply substitutions automatically' application will take anyone with specific qualifiers that Isn't filling those qualifiers, and move them to a different spot where that qualifier is needed in an assignment. For instance, if a FF has a qualifier as a paramedic, but is only filling a shift as a FF for the duration of his shift, and there is an open position for another assignment where a paramedic is needed, that employee will be moved in order to fill that needed qualifier. 

The 'Apply partial matches' is the same, but for spots that require shared qualifiers. For instance, if there is an opening for a FF but that person must also have a sub qualifier of Paramedic, the assistant will fill the spot for FF without looking into those sub qualifiers. 

The Auto Analyze Look-Ahead period is where you set the system to perform the scheduled analysis. In the below scenario, the system will look everyday at 8am, for the CrewScheduler day that is 7 days from now. So what that means, is that each morning at 8am, the system will look out a week into the future and analyze that days schedule. If any voids are found, the system will move the affected users around, and even initiate CallBacks automatically to fill any open voids that cant be filled else wise.

If you select the box labeled 'Analyze entire period', that will tell the assistant to look at every day in between that 7 day period. If that box isn't checked, the assistant will only look to the 7th day and analyze that day alone. 

The system can also do a second Auto Analyze. This feature is designed to fill more short term assignments. In the above scenario, the second Auto Analyze period is made to analyze the schedule 2 days out at 20:00. So if someone calls in sick for the next day but they are scheduled to report in at 7 am, the assistant will analyze the schedule a second time at 8 in the evening for the next 2 days to see if any slots are open and need to be filled at that time. 

You can set the system to Perform auto CallBacks to fill un-matched qualifier voids, by enabling that option. And you can even set the system to manage which lists are used for CallBacks for each qualifier.

Note: For this to work, you must enable the 'Apply substitutions automatically' and the 'Turn on Assistant automation' option under the General rules in the first portion.

The 'Group identical positions' option will pull people from the same list and initiate a CallBack to fill all of the positions across the scheduler from that list. (ie. If 4 FF's are needed throughout multiple assignments, the assistant will initiate a CallBack to fill all all of those FF's positions).

The 'Group across assignments' option will fill each assignment individually. Meaning, the assistant will look at one assignment and see what qualifiers are needed to complete that assignment and initiate a CallBack for those qualifiers. 

The 'Chaining' option will chain CallBacks so that they are sent out one after the other if you have multiple CallBack's in place. When this option is enabled, it will wait for one CallBack to close before opening the next one. It is important to note that by doing this, the CallBack list is updated before the new CallBack is initiated. Therefor, some one that accepts an assignment in the previous CallBack will be placed accordingly in the CallBack list before the next one goes out. 

The CallBack strategy also allows the Administrative user to default wait times in between automatic CallBacks made by the Assistant. You can also increase the wait-time.

To do this, you can enable the 'Default wait time'. This will add on a specific amount of time for each employee to have to reply to the CallBacks each day that the CallBack goes out. This is used to allow more time for non-emergent spots to be filled when they are sent out automatically days in advance. 

It is important to note that when setting this, it applies that allotted time PER DAY. If you have CallBacks going out 7 days before the shift is scheduled, that will give each employee 30 minutes before going to the next candidate if using the Rolodex method.

You also have the option to set the deadline for the CallBack initiated by the Assistant. It's important to be aware that when setting this, you are mindful of when the deadline will close and grant the selected employee(s) the shift. For instance, if the Assistant initiates a CallBack for 5 days from now, and you have the deadline set to "2 hours before shift starts", it wont grant the selected employee(s) the shift until 2 hours before the shift starts. 

You can also set the system to automatically text employees whenever they are moved due to an analyzer event made by the assistant. 

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