CrewScheduler Templates

CrewScheduler Templates

A great feature of the CrewScheduler module is the ability to create pre-built 'Assignment Templates'. This allows you to quickly and efficiently deploy a set of predetermined assignments to your CrewScheduler, without having to build out each deployment manually each time.

This is perfect for things like event scheduling, special details, and other situations where your assignments may not occur frequently enough to have them display constantly on the schedule. You can build the assignment, deploy it as needed and set it to appear on the CrewScheduler where you want it to appear each time. 

To create new CrewScheduler Assignment and Template:

Navigate to the module menu and click Crew Scheduling > Assignments > Edit Assignments

You will first need to create the assignment by clicking on the green  +Add Assignment button:

The assignment will require a start date, which you could set for any date in the past. If you know when the assignment will start, you can give it a time, but it is not required. The minimum positions are important, but you can always add more positions if need be once you deploy the template. If you are paying the person to be there, then it is a work shift for which you can allow self-scheduling as needed. You can also require approval, which will allow you to pick and choose who is allowed to work.

Once you have created the assignment, you'll want to create the template for it. You can do this by clicking the button 'Manage Templates' 

From there, click + Add new and enter a name for your template.  In the below example, we are creating a 'CPR Class' template. You then must click the blue 'Edit Assignments' button to tell the system what assignments should be included in this template. In this example, we will add the CPR assignment we made above.

When you are finished, click Done.

To deploy a template:

Navigate to the CrewScheduler, you will see a new button under the More Options drop down menu > Deploy Template.

Finally, select the template you wish to deploy, enter the appropriate deployment date range, click the green Deploy Template button and that's it! You now have all of the assignments from that template placed into the day. From here, simply schedule your employees as usual.

To delete an assignment from the CrewScheduler:

Click the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the assignment, and then 'Delete'.

To set up where the template deploys on the Scheduler:

It's easy to set where the newly made template will deploy and you can set it any way you wish. Go to Crew Scheduling > Assignments > Daily View Setup.

 You will need to create a column for the assignment first if you wish to determine where it will appear. 

For our purposes, we will call it 'Special Assignments.' Once you create it, you can add the assignments from the template into that column.  

From there, you can click on the Grid to choose where the created column will appear. You can drag and drop your assignments to appear as you wish within the Grid view. 

Remember to click the green 'Save daily view' before you go back to your CrewScheduler. Creating the column will mean that it will show up daily, but will be empty until template(s) are deployed. 

 Now you can deploy your template and it will appear where you want it to. 

If the template initially does not go to the correct column, try refreshing your page and it should correct itself. 

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