CrewScheduler Overview

CrewScheduler Overview

The CrewScheduler allows managers and employees alike to quickly view their schedule, and see assigned personnel on the fly. It also allows the tracking of Overtime, Time Off, Miscellaneous hours and recurring events. Days can be color coded for quick reference and personnel can be set to recur if they work a rotating shift pattern, among many other options.

Up to 50 assignments can be viewed at a time, allowing managers to only see what they need to see and / or hide assignments they are not interested in at that moment. Both a compact and a full view (shown above) are available for viewing. Weekly and daily views are also present, as well as the ability to skip ahead or behind in the view with a few simple mouse clicks.

You can color code work type and time off types to display in any color you'd like in the CrewScheduler; by making changes in System Settings > CrewScheduler.

On the right hand side; you will see boxes for 'Employees off Duty', 'Miscellaneous', 'CallBacks' and if any trades that have been arranged for the day via the trade-board, a box for 'Shift Trades'.

Manual CallBacks initiated in the system will be placed in the CallBack box, awaiting for you to place them where needed. You can simply drag and drop them into the appropriate assignment. Once you've done that, a logo 'CB' will appear next to their name, indicating they were hired via a CallBack Shift.


*Important: When you drag an employee from the CallBacks box, they will automatically assume the hours of the shift you drop them into. You can easily change these however, by simply clicking their name and making the adjustment need.

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