CrewScheduler Layout / Setup Daily View

CrewScheduler Layout / Setup Daily View

A feature that is unique to our platform is the CrewScheduler daily view setup. This is an excellent way for you to layout the daily view of the CrewScheduler however you'd like. For example, if you wanted to create a column labeled 'Stations' and have all of your apparatus reside within that column, you could do that.

You could also create a column called 'Admin' and place all of your Admins in that column, and so on and so forth.

You can create up to 99 columns to place within the daily view, and color / label them all individually.

To create a new column layout:

1. Go to the Crew Scheduling module > Assignments > Daily View Setup

2. Select the 'Columns' option and you can add up to 6 columns using the "Add column" button on the top right:

3. In each column, you can click the "+" button and add any number of assignments to that column

4. You can also edit the name and color of the column, or delete it. Deleting it releases the assignments to be put in other columns

5. You can drag & drop assignments within a column or between columns to adjust the view, and drag & drop columns sideways to reorder the columns themselves.

In the below scenario, we are creating 4 columns; and adding assignments within those columns how we want them to display:


Now, when we visit the Crew Scheduler daily view; you will see how the layout has changed!

Note: If you have less than 6 columns set, the assignments that are not apart of a column will start on the right, then continue underneath the columns, then on the right again etc.; along with Time offs, Trade Box, CallBacks, etc.

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