CrewScheduler Employee Labels

CrewScheduler Employee Labels

Sometimes, it is useful for organizations to indicate different 'labels' for their employees within their Crew Scheduler assignments. Examples could include indicating the employee who is a Captain, a lead nurse, or apparatus driver for example.

How to create Employee labels : 

Click System Settings/Admin in the top menu bar here: 

Then, from the side menu, you'll select CrewScheduler/ Calendars > Employee Labels here

In this case, you can see that we already have several labels in the system. 

To add a new label, we'll simply enter the name in the Label field, choose an optional Label color and/or Label text color and click the green Save Label button.  

Now, when we return to the CrewScheduler and attach a label to an employee scheduled in an assignment. You will  right click on the employees name > select the  'Labels' drop-down box. Select the appropriate label and click the green 'Modify User' button. 

Setting display order within employee labels:

You can set the preferred order of these labels (ie PM on top, RN  below PM, etc.) by simply grabbing the + symbol and dragging them around in the order you prefer.

Then click the green Save Options button.

This will make those labels appear in the correct order next to the employees name in the CrewScheduler.

Labels can be a maximum of 6 digits in length.

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