CrewScheduler Group Labeling

CrewScheduler Group Labeling

'Group Labeling' in the CrewScheduler is a very useful feature to see quickly which employees are part of a group, right within the CrewScheduler. For example, maybe you want to indicate whether employees are part of an A, B, or C Shift team, or whether they are part of a Hazmat team or SWAT. This is a perfect way to show that in the CrewScheduler!

To create group labels:

Go to Employees > manage Groups > click on the blue + Add a group button. 

Give your group a Title, select a unique color, and turn on the 'Indicate in Crew Scheduler' setting. If you don't turn that setting on, your group labels will not populate on the CrewScheduler.  Lastly, be sure to click the green Save button. 

Clicking Save will take you back to the manage Groups page. 
From here you will want to click the blue Edit button next to the group you want to add your employees into. 

In the 'Batch add employees to group' box, enter each employee who belongs in your newly created group. When you are done adding your list of employees,  click the green +Add Employees button.  

Now, if we navigate back to the CrewScheduler, we can see on our B Shift days, that Tommy, Carl and Arkady are a part of the 'B Shift' group. Whenever they are on the CrewScheduler those labels will be with them!

Note: you can edit the ranking order of your groups in the manage Groups page by click and dragging on the cross arrows: 

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