Creating Templates for Payroll Data

Creating Templates for Payroll Data

Within the reports module, you have the ability to export Target Solutions Scheduling data in various formats, for payroll purposes. With payroll report templates, you can create and save general parameters of a report, making it easy to run the same reports in the future.

Creating templates

Once you navigate to Reports > export Payroll Data, you can create the "bones" of your report: enter the employees (whether that be individuals, groups, or lists,) pay period and the format in which you wish your report to be exported as.

When creating a payroll report template, so long as you have the current pay period selected, your template will always default to its current pay period when it's run in the future.

You also have the option to customize the template even further, by choosing 'Advanced options'. 

From here, you have the ability to filter even further. You can filter the work types / time-off types that will be exported. You can also include/exclude any rows that have zero hours, as they will be irrelevant to payroll. Once you have customized your template, you will save it for future use by choosing 'Save template as...' and creating a name for it.  

Accessing saved templates

Once you have saved your template, you can access it in the future by clicking on 'Templates...' drop down menu in the top right corner of the 'Export Payroll Data' page.

NOTE: When you create a template, it is important to know that any changes made to that template will delete the existing template. If you are wanting to modify an existing template, it is best to create a new template as to not lose an existing one.

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