Compound Rotations

Compound Rotations

With the Compound Rotations feature, you are able to schedule one person in multiple assignments in one go, and have those shifts linked up for future modifications.

You want an employee to work Station 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Station 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Maybe an employee works 2 day shifts, then 3 night shifts, then is off for 4 days. These are examples of a 'Compound Rotation'... one that covers multiple assignments and multiple recurrence rules.

In this example, we have a Compound Rotation created for "2 Days on, 2 Nights on, 4 Days off":

We would then create CrewScheduler assignments called 'Engine 1 - Days' (example), 'Engine 1 - Nights'. We'd start the user on the first day of the day rotation, select this compound rotation; and the system would do the rest!

With this feature, you can schedule him or her by just selecting the compound rotation rule, and the two assignments. Read on to find out how it works!


To use the feature, you will need to set up a few of these rotations to use in the CrewScheduler. These named rotations will describe how the shift should recur in both parts of the compound rotation.

To create a compound rotation, navigate to System Settings > CrewScheduler > Compound Rotations


Once you have at least one compound rotation set up, clicking an open slot and bringing up the Add Shift dialog will present you with new repeating pattern options. You can still choose a simple recurring pattern, or select a compound rotation. If you do the latter, new options appear. Here you'll need to select the two assignments you want the two elements of the rotation to apply to. When you click to add the shift, two new recurring shifts will be created with the patterns you chose in the Setup portion, in the assignments you chose for both parts.


The following changes will apply to all shifts in the rotation, regardless of which shift you're editing:
  • Labels
  • Qualifiers
  • Work Type
  • Deleting future occurrences of a shift will also delete future occurrences of the other shift in the rotation

    The following changes will still only apply to the shift being edited:

  • Changing start/end times
  • Changing recurrence patterns

Watch our video by clicking here:  How to Schedule a Compound Rotation 

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