CertTracker Module

CertTracker Module

Target Solutions Scheduling has a built-in certification tracking module for tracking employee certifications. This is excellent for attaching user certifications and getting a quick glance into their current status.

The system will automatically alert both the employee and the administrating user (the one who uploaded the certification) when the certification is nearing its expiration. Alerts are made via text message, mobile app alert, and email.

Adding a certification for an employee

To access, simply go to the employee's profile and chose the Certifications tab. 

You will then be shown the profile for this user. Under the Certifications tab, you will see any current or expired certifications attached to this user.
To add a new Certification into the system, click
 + Attach Certification. 

Choose the certification you wish to attach from the dropdown menu. You may also enter the certification issued/expiration dates, a copy of the certification, as well as set a reminder when the certification nears its expiration.

You can also quickly edit the dates by clicking the dashed underlines. To remove the certification completely, click the red "x."

Adding a new type of certification

If you don't see the certification listed, you can add a new one. To do so, choose +Add. You will be directed to a pop-up window where you can create the new certification.
Enter the name of the certification and the Cert ID. Then click Create Cert. Now, this certification will be available for use for all users. 

Editing existing certifications

You can Edit existing certifications that you have entered into the system by clicking Manage Certifications.  You can edit the name and delete any preexisting certifications from here.

Running Certification Reports:

Within the Reports module, you can also run reports specifically on Certifications. To access, navigate to Reports > run Certifications report.

Here, you will see all employees and their respective certifications. You can choose to filter the report by certification, as well as downloading the report to PDFs or CSVs. The certifications report is also sortable and searchable, making it easy to navigate.

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