CallBacks - Auto Accept Feature

CallBacks - Auto Accept Feature

Employees can set up time periods when they want the system to automatically accept CallBacks on their behalf.

When a callback arrives at an employee with an active auto-accept period, instead of contacting them, it automatically accepts the CallBack for them, and notifies them of the fact. This feature should be used carefully and you should be willing to accept and work any date / time that the shift may be accepted on your behalf during the time you specify.

Enabling the feature: 

This feature is turned off by default. You can enable it by going to admin System Settings > Callbacks > Rules and ticking the box next to "Enable auto-accept feature". Be sure to click the green Save options button before exiting.  

You also need to enable the Availability Calendar for this option to be active. You can do this by going to admin System Settings > Employee > Availability > "Allow Employees to Choose their availability". Be sure to click the green Save options button before exiting. 

Setting up auto-accept periods:

To access the availability calendar - click your name in the upper left hand corner, go to the tab titled "Set Availability".

Select a period of time just like you would when setting up available/not available periods. From the "Period type" drop-down, select "Auto-accept period". If the period start/end dates/times look correct, click save.

The system will display a warning bar on the Dashboard while you have an active Auto Accept period.

WARNING: By enabling the auto accept period, you are obligated to work any period that is accepted on your behalf. There is no canceling an auto-enabled CallBack. So it is advised to use this feature very carefully. 

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