CallBack History Logs

CallBack History Logs

Another great feature of the CrewSense System is the fact that is keeps detailed records of every CallBack. The information in the history logs includes important details like: Employee starting and ending position, employee response, contact time, contact number, exclusion details, initiating user and more.

When you initiate a New CallBack, you will automatically be redirected to that CallBack's details log.

While a CallBack is active, you should periodically refresh your browser to view updates to the history log. Red highlighted rows indicate that the employee denied the CallBack shift. Grey rows indicate that the employee was NO ANSWER of has not been contacted yet. And finally, a Green row indicates that an employee has ACCEPTED the CallBack shift.

If you would like to view other CallBack History Logs aside from this current one, you can click CallBack in the left had navigation panel, and then CallBack History. From there, you will be presented with the CallBack History Table.

Rows in Yellow are still ACTIVE CallBacks. Rows in Green are completed (sucessful) CallBacks, and finally rows in Red are CallBacks that were unsucessful. Along with quickly being able to determine the status of all of your CallBacks, you can also do other functions from within this table. You can Cancel any CallBacks that are still ACTIVE, DELETE a previous CallBack (note: this deletes the record entirely. All shift data will be lost), and you can view DETAILS for all previous CallBacks as well.

There are additional options available within the CallBack History logs. You have the ability to Pause, Cancel/Delete callbacks.

If you Pause a CallBack; it will stop the progression of the CallBack, however leave all details in place. You cannot restart a paused CallBack at this time. If you Cancel/Delete a CallBack, it will delete the entire record.


You can also click to View Details. This will open up the actual CallBack details log, where you can see everyone's record - including when they were contacted, their status, and more. You can manually change their response as well as remove them from the CallBack. However, once a CallBack has been completed - changing or resetting a user's response will not 'restart' the CallBack. It is simply a way to change the record.

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