Assignment Labels

Assignment Labels

You can create Assignment Labels for your CrewScheduler assignments quite easily within the platform. This is useful for identifying and indicating useful things within your CrewScheduler.

The Assignment Labels are different than the CrewScheduler Groups; in that they only appear for one day, are easily changeable, and will not 'follow' assignments around.

A use case scenario for Assignment Labels would be indicating which assignment is part of a 'Strike Team' for the current day, for example.

To add a new Assignment Label, simply click on the 3 black dots in the CrewScheduler Assignment you'd like to add it to, and select Add assignment label:

After you've done that. You can simply pick from an already created label, or create a new one. In this case, we are going to create a new label, called "Task Force":

We click Add Label, and you'll see that the Test Engine assignment now has the "Task Force" label applied!

To remove this label, simply hover over it and click the x button.


To edit all labels in your system, you can click Admin System Settings > CrewScheduler/Calendars > Assignment Labels. From here, you can change their name, adjust their colors, or delete all together:

Note: Only users who have the permission level "Add / Edit CrewScheduler" will be able to adjust Assignment Labels

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