Developer level access to scheduling data is available via our RESTful API. This allows data to be shared throughout vendors' apps, and /or available for custom implementation needs.

The scheduling API (Application Programming Interface) provides third-party software developers access to the data within your organization’s system. Developers can use this to build custom applications or to integrate Target Solutions Scheduling information within other existing apps – allowing you to centralize your information in one location.

To Obtain API Client ID and Secret Key:
(only available for users with permission 'System Settings' enabled)

Click Admin> System Settings > API / Integrations

You'll see any API credentials for your organization here. To generate a new key pair, click Generate New API Credentials. This will generate a new pair. You can remove key credentials at any time, by clicking the 'Delete' button next to the key pair.

Please keep the Client ID / Secret Key, secret. Anyone with access to these keys will have full access to your account via the CrewSense API.

Of course, as with all other elements of our system, our API continues to improve – allowing more powerful use of your scheduling and resource management needs.

For a detailed look into our API, please follow this link: https://developer.crewsense.com/.

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