Adding Trades For End Users

Adding Trades For End Users

Adding in a trade between two employees can easily be done by system administrators, if the employees are unable to do so themselves. These trades will populate on both the CrewScheduler and thee Trade Board as well.

Who can add in trades?

Trades can be added into the system by any user who has the permission to 'Can approve/deny/delete employee trades'

How to enter trades for end users

First, go to Trade Board > View Trade Requests

The option to + Add is now at the top of the page. 

Here, you will enter the employees' information, as well as the shift date and time that is being traded.

Both users will have to be on the schedule for their correct dates and trades cannot be added for past dates, as it may interfere with payroll. You can also put in the swap date for the trade, however, we recommend that each trade is done separately, as trades cannot be edited after they are submitted. 

If you do need to input a trade for dates that have occurred in  the past, it is recommended that you do so manually on the CrewScheduler, with the appropriate work codes and time off types. In doing so, you can then update the Trade Ledger between the employees to reflect hours owed and hours earned. 

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