Accrual Tracks

Accrual Tracks

The scheduling platform allows the ability to create 'Accrual Tracks' for use with different employee types throughout your Organization. This is useful for creating different tracks or 'paths' for an employees accrual life cycle. An example would be creating different Accrual Tracks for Line Staff and 40-hr Personnel. With the separate tracks created, employees can accrue at different rates and milestones throughout their career.

To Create Accrual tracks:

Hover your mouse over the Time Off icon in the left toolbar, and then click setup Accruals:


From here, click the green Manage Accrual Tracks button in the upper right hand corner:

Then, click the Create New Track button:

Give your accrual track a name, select the accrual profiles that are a part of the track, and click the green +Add button. You can order the profiles to set the track path by clicking and dragging the + icons: 

Important: Only profiles that have 'Base on years served' can be used in Tracks

As you can see, this track is now following the rules for the 0-5 Years & 5-10 Years profiles:

Now, you can attach this Accrual Track to employees. Simply navigate to the employee profile(s), click the Accruals tab, select the appropriate track and then click the green Save button:

Now, these employees will be on this accrual track - and earn accrued time off appropriately. Note: When using a Time Off Accrual Track, you cannot select individual profiles.

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